Sunday, March 7, 2010

Showin’ our Aussie mates... how we do in the States.

What’s the one thing American males and AdverBarbie have in common? The Super Bowl of course! It’s the one place we meet in perfect harmony. We get to create slap-stick humorous commercials with massive budgets, and they get to sit back and yell at the TV with their bros.

We couldn’t leave Australia without sharing this tidbit of USA culture, so we planned an in-office Super Bowl party. Armed with beer, bean dip, and cheese balls, the Aussies had smashing good time, drinking and laughing at the commercial reel we put together. The event was a hit, and they we’re astonished at the amount of advertising dollars spent on a single football game.

All you MAS students who are interning internationally this quarter, this is our gift to you. Use this reel to refuel your love for the USA , in all its cheesy advertising glory.

2010 Super Bowl Ad Reel from aliciabenz on Vimeo.

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