Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silent Water

Being the hard working girls we are, we also shot a short film for the Cannes Lions Youtube 48 hour Ad Contest while on location at Iguazu Falls. The brief was to make an ad for “WaterAid,” and get people to sign a petition so that leaders will further promote clean water and sanitation for impoverished communities. I guess it was meant to be, because we got to use the most spectacular waterfalls in the world as our backdrop! Can’t hurt our chances ;)

Check it out and vote here:
search: keyword “Silent Water”
vote: green thumbs up
Share: send it to everyone you know (votes count towards winning!)

We got another awesome addition to our book! We used the similar tone and execution, so it would match with our other piece “The Unraveling” as a campaign for non-profits.

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