Monday, June 28, 2010

American Beauty

Not only does AdverBarbie have the brains to pull of a World Tour, multiple advertising awards, and get published, she is now known for beauty. Introducing, Miss Florida International 2010: Alicia Benz. Many didn’t know this, but Alicia was crowned Miss Florida 2 months ago. She beat out steep competition, and absolutely aced a tough interview, to win the title. 

What’s Miss International?
Its one of the top 4 pageants in the world, (just like Miss USA and Miss America) and has been around for over 50 years. Its main goal is to promote young women, and help them get word out about their causes. Miss International is known as the “smart girls” pageant!

Whats next?
She will now go on to compete in the national pageant, which is taking place in Chicago July 24th, for the title of Miss International 2010. She will be up against the brightest, most beautiful and most talented young ladies from across the globe. This is no ordinary beauty pageant, contestants represent all 50 States as well as different countries. These ladies are primarily judged on their spokes woman creds during an extensive interview round (counting for 40%) as well as fitness level. Not to mention over all confidence and poise while struting their stuff on stage in an evening gown and stiletto heals.

What’s the prize? She could win $10,000, access to a PR firm for a year to promote her platform, her picture up on the Times Square Jumbo-tron for a day, as well as free airfare to anywhere she wants. And of course lots and lots beauty loot.

Whats her platform? Living a green and eco-conscious life, of course!

Check her online profile for the competition under the "contestants" section of the national website:

Get ready for alot more exciting news, as we travel to Chicago in one month, to win that national title!

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