Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TopGear Live: Sydney Ferrari car show and event

Ferrari:  ultimate sports car.
Shell V-Power: the gasoline preferred by Ferarri drivers.
Top Gear Live: a car show/entertainment filled weekend. 
Iris: the advertising agency commissioned to create the Shell+Ferarri activation event.
AdverBarbie: the team called upon to capture it on film.


TopGear Live: Sydney Ferrari Event from Michelle Pokorny on Vimeo.
What does all this equate?  Well, one of our tasks this week was to hit up the Sydney Olympic stadium and shoot HD footage for an agency case study.   We went around with all of our gear, and got some great images for Iris at Top Gear Live.  People just love their sports cars, especially classic red Ferarris.  It was kid in a candy store syndrome but for men & cars.  At the moment we're in the post production process, so stay tuned for the final product. 

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