Sunday, February 7, 2010

Entertainment Experience of a Lifetime

Once again, the stars have fallen into perfect alignment for AdverBarbie.  We were given the privilege of seeing Avatar 3D, the most advanced special effects movie to date, on the biggest movie theater on the planet.   “The IMAX Theatre Sydney in Darling Harbour is home to the world's largest cinema screen at 29.42m high by 35.73m wide – covering an area of more than 1,015 square metres. They just don't come any bigger!  The film soundtracks are delivered through a mighty 15,000 watt digital surround sound system.”    All they needed was a little olfactory stimulation, and I would have swore I was right there in Pandora.   However, I’m not sure what glow-in-the-dark rainforest smells like, but I’m sure it’s quiet refreshing.

Considering our passion for all things film, technology, and fantasy, I was 100% willing to pay $27 for a movie that I had already seen.  More good news, Alice In Wonderland is going to be playing there on March 4th.  Baaaallin’. 

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