Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brazilian Street Corn!

“Go to Mercado Central for the AMAZING food.” –Rafa

This was the advice we got from Rafa at Ogilvy Brasil, on what to do our first Saturday in Sao Paulo. So we go to the market, expecting tons and tons of “amazing food.” Did we find it? Sort of.

By “AMAZING food” I guess he meant street corn and sugar peanuts, because we couldn’t find anything else but that.

Street corn is Sao Paulo’s equivalent to a NYC hot dog stand. Every corner has a vendor selling cobs out of a cauldron of hot water. For $2 rais, you can get a cob of corn, served to you in a bowl with butter and salt. Oh, and did we mention how each is complete with a corn husk napkin? Never have I seen so many people selling corn on the street! It’s a standard snack around here I guess. Then people are just standing around devouring the bowls of hot corn, lol. Maybe they got the inspiration for corn flakes cereal in Sao Paulo.

Also, on the streets you can buy these nuts, that are the equivalent of Chicago’s “Nutz on Clark” peanuts, with caramelized sugar and salt. They are cooking them right on the street, so it smells devine!

Needless to say, both options are indeed, AMAZING. Thanks Raf!

Brazilian Street Corn from aliciabenz on Vimeo.


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  1. awesome, i hope that you are enjoying SP =)
    you should eat churros, coxinha, pastel and Açaí are amazing foods here.

    Let me know about your internship at ogilvy brazil



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