Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ciao Sydney, Oi Brazil

Oi, Sao Paulo.

Different day a different hemisphere, you know the usual routine for AdverBarbie. It was like déjà vu meeting up with Alicia again at the airport, except this time we’re off to probably the biggest challenge thus far: Sao Paulo.

Here are some quick facts for all of you who are wondering what we are doing down here:

27 Million People
3,000 Square Miles
3rd Largest city in the world.
Expected to be 6th richest city in the world by 2025 (currently its 10th)
Has a monsoon influenced subtropical climate.
They speak Portuguese (not Spanish) and definitely NO English.
Nickname of Sao Paulo is “Sampa.” How cute.

No housing hunt this time. Ogilvy set us up in a big "penthouse" apartment, which has 3 balconies, a rooftop patio, and stunning panoramic views. Also the complex has a nice pool, hot tub, and gym in the complex. Yay! We are settled in now, matching comforters and all, and doing fabulous. Decker, the other MAS intern, calls it our Barbie Mansion :)


Ciao Sydney!

Here it is, the final blog post in memoriam of our wonderful quarter away in Sydney, Australia. We will surely miss beautiful beaches, posh Surry Hills, the amazing people we met at iris, and of course the Australian accent. I’ll never forget watching the morning news and weather report, (which shows a map of Australia) and thinking “Damn, am I far from home!” every single time.

Our last week, we gave a presentation to the agency about Generation Y, since many of their clients target this audience. Iris was really impressed with our insights, especially about the BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and their booming industry and prevalence in pop culture. We also talked about going green, technology, and how we find inspiration from the old movies, music and fashion. Of course with the presentation, we served up a big batch of vegan brownies with pink icing and organic green tea. Needless to say, everyone loved them and couldn’t even tell they were vegan. HA!

The last thing we did was visit the Botanic Gardens; a lush tropical menagerie of plants, trees, and flowers that border Sydney Harbour and downtown. Since the flora and fauna is so diverse, the garden is home to thousands of bats, which hang upside down from trees, making this painful squawking sound all day long. The garden was our last item to be crossed off the “Top 10 Sydney” guidebook list. We ended completing 8 out of the 10 total! In Amsterdam we did 7 of the top 10… so that’s an improvement in our book.

All in all we were extremely sad to go. We cleaned our god-awful apartment for the last time, and rolled a combined 340lbs of luggage out to the street corner and haven’t looked back since. Get ready for even more exciting and shocking blog posts as we take on Sao Paulo, Brazil for the next stop on the AdverBarbie World Tour.

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