Monday, August 23, 2010

Masters of Resourcefulness

Always looking for a new challenge, we signed up for a triathlon while we were back in Brazil. Now all of a sudden its this weekend. Since we have no gym membership, we’ve had to put our resourcefulness into high gear and figure out how we were going to cross train on zero budget. Thank god New York City has a renowned public park system. In Central Park there is an Olympic sized pool so we can practice swimming for free. Then along the “coast” of Manhattan is a bike route which serves as running track. Bike rentals for $10 an get the picture

Being resourceful in a new city is an awesome skill to develop. Here are some tips on how to hone in on yours:

1. ) Online Coupons. Where ever you are going always check for online discounts. If you can’t print out coupons, just show people them on the screen of your mobile phone, and it works out.
2.) Public Domain. Just go hit up anything that is free and public. Not only is it adventurous, but you can also find get linked up to more free stuff to do once you are there.
3.) Street flyers. Accept those pamphlets boys and girls, and you might just find out the coolest restaurant in your neighborhood, free yoga, or 2 for 1 cocktails
4.) Libraries for Movies. The DVD selection is amazing, you just have to dig. We have seen some of the best films of our lives ever since we got our New York Public Library Card.
5.) Eat Dinner Early. Many restaurants have lunch specials that go till 5:30 pm. You can literally get the same thing for 50% off. So have that pre-dinner instead!


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