Monday, August 30, 2010

Wanna Race with Tri-AdverBarbie?

Out of all the things we’ve done, here is one of the craziest. Sunday was the Staten Island Triathlon, and we competed in full force. Not many can pull off such a rigorous training schedule while also traveling, working, and schooling. But low and behold we did it, and we even placed in the top 5 in our age group (18-24), with Michelle getting 3rd, and Alicia getting 4th! In addition, Alicia was the first female to complete the swimming portion for the entire race.

If you want motivation, and something to work towards, you should definitely do a triathlon! Foot races are cool and all, but there is no contest when it comes to being a well rounded individual, and excelling in multiple endeavors. Balance is one of the key lessons we’ve learned, and this triathlon proves our dedication to maintaining the body portion of the mind, body, and soul trifecta of life. Ok, enough preaching, time strap on your shoes, jump on your bike, and feel the wind in your hair. Life is happening, and you are a participant.

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