Sunday, January 31, 2010

Work Hard. Play Hard. Get Fit. IRIS Summer Forum 2010

Iris Summer Forum is a semi-annual internal status report that is much more than keynote presos and pie charts.   Instead of just making it all about the business, Iris does it up Aussie style with a full day of fun activities, “sausage sizzle” BBQ, and an afternoon a sailboat trip around the harbour. 

Included in this year’s forum was the launch of GET FIT, a program that allows each department to hold “classes” to so that everyone can learn more about the industry from each other.   The launch party allowed people to sign up for these fun presentations, and get pumped for the year ahead.  From the creative department’s “Scamp Camp” or “Twitter for Dummies” GET FIT is a great way to learn about things you would usually never have an opportunity to. Even AdverBarbie is holding a class called “Gen Y; Insights from the Interns.”

Here is the video we created for Iris, that will soon be able to be found on the Iris global website (oh yeah!)  It showcases the new office space, as well as clips from quite possibly the most awesome day of work humanly possible.  

Iris Sydney: Forum 2010 from aliciabenz on Vimeo.

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