Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Amsterdam in Review

Good Bye Amsterdam from aliciabenz on Vimeo.

To sum up our entire experience in the ‘Dam, I would have to say it was “interesting.”  The quarter turned out to be the complete opposite of what we we’re expecting.  Living, eating, and breathing the Dutch lifestyle was absolutely the weirdest thing for a twenty-something American girl.   The American culture definitely clashes more times than not with the Dutch.  After talking with few others who have lived in the Netherlands, this is a common feeling, so we’re not alone on this one.  We’ve learned and grown from the opportunity, and left the country with no regrets.  We are now experts on Amsterdam, so if you are ever interested in visiting, or want to hear a funny story, just let us know and we’d be glad to share (or probably just direct you to the blog).

With that being said, we’ll continue forward.  Next stop on the Adverbarbie World Tour:  Sydney, Australia.  We are the creative intern team at Iris, who has clients such Sony, Adidas, and Shell.  See you down under.

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