Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jet Lag

The Adverbarbie Recipe for Jet Lag.

1.) 6 bottles of Water.
    Hydrate Properly.  The air is SUPER dry on that plane, and they don’t have enough water on board to keep      giving it to passengers.
2.) 10 Granola Bars
    You will need snacks, or meal replacements, depending on how awful the food is on board
3.) 2 Crest Brush ups
    Brush your teeth.  Its been 24 hours, do it, you’ll thank us
4.) 1 Spa Gift Basket
    Bring face wash, lotion, and face mist.  We’re talkin’ best stuff money can buy.
5.) 1 U-shaped pillow and 1 sleep mask
6.) 1 hot shower immediately upon arrival
7.) Sleep Aids
    Whether it be Benadryl or Ambien, indulge.
8.) 2 Carbolicious Meals
    One right before sleeping after the trip, and one for when you wake up in between rounds of sleeping.

Tote along all the ingredients, use them liberally.  Then most important, for every hour you were in-flight, you must match exactly with one hour of horizontal sleep in the hotel room.  We were in transit for 21 hours, therefore we had to sleep 21 hours straight.  It REALLY worked for us!  We were able to walk 30 miles in the following days, find an apartment, and have a first day of work.  Done.

This recipe has received the Adverbarbie stamp of approval, but has not approved by the FDA :P

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  1. Many professionals know and use the Dreamhelmet (the first response on Google search for 'sleep mask'). Here's what the travel editor for The Washington Post said after trying the Dreamhelmet:

    Praise review from The Washington Post Travel Section article by K.C. Summers:

    "... Testing ground: A seven-hour evening flight in a middle seat in coach from Washington Dulles to London's Heathrow Airport.

    Testing procedure: As soon as the flight attendant collected my dinner tray, I strapped on my Dreamhelmet (Teddybear model).

    "... Say what you will about its appearance, the Dreamhelmet (not available in stores!) does a creditable job blocking light and sound - kind of a sensory deprivation tank for your head.
    It comes with complimentary earplugs for even more sound-proofing.

    "... The felt lining was soft against my skin...very soft...
    Annoyingly, my seatmate was nudging me. "We're landing in 10 minutes."
    I fumbled with my chin strap, blinking like a mole in the morning light. "Jeez. Aren't they even serving breakfast?"
    "We already had it. Your thing worked!"

    Result: the Dreamhelmet, goofy as it looks, is worth its weight in psychotropic drugs.
    I arrived in London relaxed and rested, having had four hours' uninterrupted sleep - a first for me on a transatlantic flight. And once there, I was able to hit the ground running because I had no jet lag to contend with - another first.
    The Dreamhelmet is also small, squishable and lightweight (about 7 ounces) and stuffs into a carry-on easily...

    PS - They come with secret pockets and free ear plugs too.


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