Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amsterdam 101

So its been one week since we arrived, and do we have some stories for you.  Meesh got here bright and early 6 days before starting at Bureau Pindakaas.  Eesh 3 days before.  Needless to say, we are suffering from major jet lag.  My body is determined to go back to American time.  Bedtime was a whopping 7:00AM for 3 days straight.  Can someone say Vampire?  We are going to be spending our days and nights in Bureau Pindakaas, the advertising agency responsible for the “I AMsterdam” campaign, and has a reputation for quality agency to agency collaboration in the Amsterdam creative scene.  Pindakaas is owned by Peggy Stein, a no-nonsense woman (Yay!) who knows her shit.  One of the most memorable quotes of her welcome speech had to be “I was in NYC 1 month ago, and let me tell you Manhattan is a third world country.”  This was the first, and many things about Amsterdam that will be putting Adverbarbie into major culture shock.  We say, “bring it.”

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