Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vllaamse Frites

If you thought the fries were good in the US of A, you thought wrong.  Here in the Netherlands, they are 100x better.  The potatoes are freshly peeled, the oil they are fried in is natural with no preservatives, and each batch is always freshly prepared.  Moreover, the Dutch are dipping them into a wonderful mayonnaise sauce that puts our American mayo to shame. 

The vllaamse frites are sold everywhere!  Little french fry stands are on practically every corner, and you eat them out of this ridiculously cute cone.  And of course, each comes with a miniature fork for eating, because the Dutch would never eat anything without a utensil. 

What I don’t get, is how these people are eating these fries + mayo combo, and staying ridiculously thin?  In the US of A, we never dip our Mickey D’s fries into Hellmans, for fear of OD-ing on cholesterol. 

Organic french fries everyday for lunch? Yes please! 

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