Thursday, October 29, 2009

I ADverbarbie in Amsterdam

We just happened to stumble upon the huge I AMsterdam sign during our afternoon cruise.  Tons of pictures ensued, and we finally got to see the most modern area of the city.  It was such a relief to take a break from the constant historical vibe that we usually feel.  We will definitely be revisting Museumplein.

Adverbarbie gives the I AMsterdam city campaign an A+.  Its the best branding of a city we’ve ever seen.  Locals and tourists can both feel like they are a part of the city simultaneously, which is a brilliant way to keep both parties content.  The campaign is modern enough to stay relevant for a long time, without dwelling on the past.  It must have been a difficult task considering Amsterdam always wants emphasizes its rich history.

(FYI, we are working at the advertising agency that did this campaign. Baller!)

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