Sunday, October 11, 2009

We are Siamese if you please....

Cats are everywhere in Amsterdam. We overheard someone go (British stoner accent please)  “Look over there at the pretty white doggie” I looked over, hoping to see a Pomeranian, and realized it was just another well fed cat.  The cats around here are HUGE, and Adverbarbie quickly found out why.  

Amsterdam has a rodent problem.  The mice are running rampant.  We aren’t even allowed to eat indoors at Pindakaas because of this awful problem.  Being the curious creatives, we investigated this issue.  Sure enough, there are countless blogs written about encounters of the rodent kind.

The one sure way to tell if you have a mice problem is the standard grease hole.  The “SGH” if you will.   Those little jerks are chewing themselves some massive archways up in hurr.  That mouse hole that you know and love from childhood movies is no joke.  They make them just like that in real life.  Except they forgot to draw in a gross black smudge surrounding it.   Here is a picture of a SGH that we found at work.  NEVER in my LIFE have I had to worry about SGH’s.  now I am obsessed with spotting them wherever I go.  Errr : /

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